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softer and
more absorbent*

*9 out of 10 moms agreed Genki! is 3 times softer and more absorbent than their current diaper. Survey conducted by Home Tester Club between 7/5/2021 and 24/5/2021, 213 members have received and home tested Genki! Tape Diaper.

Softer on Baby’s Skin & More Absorbent
for Longer Wear and Comfort

Maximum Absorbent Core Of Up to 10 Hours*

Maximizes urine absorption, keeping baby’s skin dry

Top Sheet

100% cotton-like material that feels gentle on the skin


Prevent leaks with softer and stretchy fit materials

Waist Cover

Hugs securely with comfy-soft stretchable waistbands
* Absorption hours may vary depending on amount of baby’s urine.
Our product range

From Genki! Newborn to our imported made in Japan Genki! Premium Soft Pants, we provide quality diapers at affordable prices.

Parent reviews

Malaysian Mums Love Genki!

96% recommended by mums HomeTesterClub.com
SusanPetaling Jaya
Convenient, absorbent, gentle
It’s very easy to wear for my active toddler that loves movingaround. Good in absorption and doesn’t cause leakage, love it that can last overnight. Love it so much, plus my son has no nappy rash from using Genki too.
Li YeeKampar
Soft comfortable absorbent
Tried on my son who used to wear specific brand - pants type. I’m amazed by Genki tape as it very absorbent, I used it for night wear too. There’s no leaking so far. And the bottom also did not get red after using.
Thin and comfortable
Genki! Tape Diaper is quite thin, super soft and fast absorption. My little baby didn’t experience any pee pee or poo poo leakage during his playtime or sleeping time. It fits to his legs and waist, breathable and gentle to his sensitive skin which does not caused any redness or itchiness and giving him great flexibility to move around as he is very very very active little boy.
Chu AnnIpoh
Soft, dry and absorbent
Its the most soft and gentle diaper I had ever use. My baby looks so comfortable on it and it last long during night time, no leakage or urine smell appear. Baby’s skin maintain dry after use.
genki 很推荐
YengKuala Lumpur
Ying YongJohor Bahru
我非常感谢让我宝宝试用了genki 婴儿纸尿裤,使我宝宝开心一整天。我会推荐给我认识的朋友和妈妈们让大家一起感受它的美好。
MaisarahUlu Klang
Senang pakai, lembut tekstur Pampers ya & memuaskan
Senang pakai, lembut tak kasar tekstur pampers ni, tak bocor, tak gatal atau melecet kulit anak dan so far sangat memuaskan Anak Happy Ibu lagi Happy Thank You so much.
Fatin MadihahSg Petani
Lembut pada kulit dan memberikan penyerapan selama 10 jam
Selepas bayi mencuba lampin Genki, kulit tidak lagi ada ruam dan kemerahan. Ia juga mempunyai ketahanan selama 10 jam dan ini amat menyenangkan saya tanpa perlu tukar lampin dengan kerap. Saya akan mengesorkan kepada para ibu supaya tukar kepada lampin Genki.
FaezahKuala Terengganu
Lembut dan selesa untuk bayi.. tiada kebocoran dan tahan lama
Genki tape tahan bocor dan lembut untuk kulit bayi. jenama yang boleh dipercayai tanpa ragu.
IntanSeberang Jaya
Lembut pada kulit bayi
Tahan lama, lembut pada kulit bayi, tidak menyebabkan kebocoran.
Home tester club
*Survey conducted by Home Tester Club between 7/5/2021 and 24/5/2021, 213 members have received and home tested Genki! Tape Diaper.