About Genki!

Genki! carries the meaning of happy, lively and active in Japanese.
It represents our desire to keep babies and parents happy throughout parenthood.
Designed for softness to ensure the comfort of babies, Genki! is the perfect companion for your baby’s gentle skin.

At Genki!, our goal is to keep babies happy and comfortable throughout the day.
We ensure this is possible by keeping your baby’s skin dry and comfortable with the superior absorbent qualities of Genki! Our diapers also deliver the best fit for babies of all sizes.


What is the weight
of your baby?

How active
is your baby?

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product for your baby!

Genki! Pants

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Genki! Tape is the best fit
for all babies.

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Genki! Pants is the comfortable choice for active babies.

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Cloud-like softness with Genki! Diapers | Genki! Malaysia