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Genki! Newborn

Soft on baby's delicate skin

Genki! newborn
*Survey conducted by Home Tester Club between 7/5/2021 and 24/5/2021, 213 members have received and home tested Genki! Tape Diaper.
Genki! newborn

Special features to maximise protection for baby's skin

Trusted absorbency
Draws moisture away from skin for hours of comfortable wear
Cool Ventilation
Breathable material to help keep delicate skin cool and dry
Pureness for Protection
Free of fragrance and chlorine to minimise skin irritation
Softer Waist Cover
Hugs securely with comfy-soft stretchable waistbands
Softer Leak Guard
Prevent leaks with softer and stretchy fit materials
Softer Top Sheet
100% cotton-like material that feels gentle on the skin

Genki! Newborn video

Sizes Available

Up to 4kg
Genki! newborn
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From Genki! Newborn diaper to our imported made in Japan Genki! Premium Soft Pants, we provide quality diapers at affordable prices.