Genki! wants to play a part in your baby’s happy journey in life.

We know that when baby is happy,
everybody’s happy!

We are on a mission to brighten lives with exclusive gift packs and other giveaways for pregnant mums, to bring smiles to more happy families throughout Malaysia. We’ve prepared 10,000 packs of our newly launched Genki! Newborn tape diapers! Just register below, follow Genki! on Lazada or Shopee, and we’ll send over a gift pack especially for you.*

Campaign Period: 15 October 2021 – 15 February 2022

*2,500 successful registrants will be selected every month over the campaign period.

Genki! Focuses on the Happy.

We don’t just make good diapers.
We make diapers that make babies happy.

We use advanced Japan technology in our newly launched Genki! Newborn which is now 3X Softer and More Absorbent. This means not only is baby dry for longer, but it’s also one of the most comfortable diapers you will find in the market! The secret? Our 100% cotton-like material that is gentle on baby’s skin yet highly absorbent.
*9 out of 10 moms agreed Genki! is 3 times softer and more absorbent than their current diaper. Survey conducted by Home Tester Club between 7/5/2021 and 24/5/2021, 213 members have received and home tested Genki! Tape Diaper. For more reviews on Home Tester Club, click here.

Why ?

Hiroyasu Nozawa

Mr. Hiroyasu Nozawa

Chief Executive Officer

“Our focus is always on how to make baby happy.”
“That’s why our diapers are more absorbent, so baby stays dry for longer. And most importantly, the comfort level of our diapers is excellent as they are softer on all the contact points with baby’s skin.”
Kiyoshi Kojo

Mr. Kiyoshi Kojo

Research & Development Director

「ふわふわと柔らかく吸水性の高いタオルをイメージして 吸水性及び柔らかさを追求したおむつを開発致しました。また、伸縮性のある柔らかい素材により、あらゆる体形の赤ちゃんにフィットする おむつとなっております。」
“We use advanced Japan Technology to create superior comfort for baby.”
“Our inspiration for softness and maximum absorption came from how luxurious towels gently draw moisture away from the skin. And stretchy-soft materials ensure our tape diapers fit well on babies of any size.”

Our Formula for Happy.

Trusted Absorbency
Draws moisture away from skin for hours of comfortable wear
Cool Ventilation
Breathable material to help keep delicate skin cool and dry
Pureness for Protection
Free of fragrance and chlorine to minimise skin irritation
Softer Waist Cover
Hugs securely with comfy-soft stretchable waistbands
Softer Leak Guard
Prevent leaks with softer and stretchy fit materials
Softer Top Sheet
100% cotton-like material that feels gentle on the skin

Genki! Newborn video

10,000 Genki! Newborn
Exclusive Gift Packs.

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